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Fuzhou Binglian Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, engaged in refrigeration equipment, general machinery, electronic machinery products, building materials, chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous goods) purchasing and sales, indoor air conditioning equipment installation services, and undertaking large-scale freezer construction and installation projects. project. The company sells products widely used in chemical, paper, sugar, textile, electronics, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, beer, food and other industries. 

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  • Food preservation

    The rate at which heat is removed from a food during freezing depends on how fast heat can travel within the food and how efficiently it can be liberated from the surface of the food into the surrounding atmosphere. Industrial freezers remove heat from the surface of a food as rapidly as possible...

  • Evaporative condenser operation

    The refrigerant to be condensed enters the upper collector of the coil. This is constantly moistened with water that recirculates in the evaporative circuit of the equipment. The evaporation of a fraction of water in recirculation removes the heat from the exchange surface of the coil. The yield ...

  • Tube ice machine

    Binglian has experience in the design, manufacure and trade of tube ice machine. Tube ice machine shape with three standard specifications for your options: Diameter 22mm, length: 25-33mm Diameter 29mm, length 30-45mm Diameter 35mm, length 35-40mm Tube ice application: drinks mix/edible,keepin...

  • IQF vegetable market

    IQF technology is the next big disruption in the frozen vegetable industry: Global industry analysis and opportunity 2020-2026 An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Iqf Vegetable Market This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Iqf Vegetable market, bringing to fore insights t...

  • Binglian ice machine for Concrete Cooling

    Use: When concrete cures at temperatures above 70 ° F the following occurs: Loss of strength More cracking Rapid setting (need to finish quickly) Increased water demand Our Solutions These detrimental effects can be offset by cooling the aggregate (water chilling or using ice in place of water in...