Evaporative condenser operation

The refrigerant to be condensed enters the upper collector of the coil. This is constantly moistened with water that recirculates in the evaporative circuit of the equipment.

The evaporation of a fraction of water in recirculation removes the heat from the exchange surface of the coil. The yield will depend on the ambient temperature of the wet bulb.

Choice of evaporative condenser

The evaporating water of the condensers changes its chemical composition and

His properties. Therefore, it is important to analyze the water supply to apply the appropriate treatment to the materials. In this way, we will avoid incrustations that can lower the performance of the evaporative condenser. Therefore, it is best to choose anti-corrosion materials, light structures and easily removable. These measures will reduce the costs and time allocated to inspection and maintenance tasks. In the same way, the pool of water collection must be totally sealed for a complete safety of the installation. In addition to presenting a slope that facilitates its total emptying and rounded corners to ensure optimal cleaning.


It could be said that the energetic efficiency of the evaporative condenser is its main advantage. Therefore, it should be an option to consider in the planning of a refrigeration installation.

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Post time: Aug-26-2020