Tube ice machine

Binglian has experience in the design, manufacure and trade of tube ice machine.

Tube ice machine shape with three standard specifications for your options:

  1. Diameter 22mm, length: 25-33mm
  2. Diameter 29mm, length 30-45mm
  3. Diameter 35mm, length 35-40mm

Tube ice application: drinks mix/edible,keeping vegetable and seafood fresh, concrete cooling,

Tube ice Features: it is suitable for long distance isn’t not easy to melt.

Tube ice machine features:

Tube ice machine operates on an intermittent cycle,for example 18mins ice making and 3mins ice harvesting per cycle based on external diameter 29mm specification tube ice.

The internal diameter of tube ice can be adjust according to ice making time.

The evporator tube material are SUS304 and the heat exchange tube is designed at the most optimized thinkness,combined with specialized heat treatment technology ,which makes the best use of heat conductibility.

Ice cutter material are Stainless steel SUS304, Ice cutter driven by gear motors are uniquely designed to produce cylindrical ice.

The surfaces Which connect water or ice are corrosion resistant material and easy to clean.

Ice making process。

The unique design of our tube ice machine freezes ice automatically in the vertical stainless steel tubes by the refrigerant circulating around tubes in freezer shell, the swirl of water fails from top of each tube, the hole is formed during the formation of ice .because the failing film of water, freezing takes place inside the vertical tubes, as the water freezes the impurities are washed back to the sump tank to be released as and when required, when the ice in the tubes is frozen to the desired thickness, hot gas is released automatically into the freezer shell releasing tubes of ice on to a cutter, the cutter cuts the pieces of desired preset length.

1. Structural principle


Both inside and outside of the evaporating tube of the tube ice evaporator is specially designed. Inside, there is the circulating ice making water, and outside is filled with refrigerant. When the refrigeration system is working normally, cold water circulating pump will pump the water from the water tank to guide vane. Then, the guide vane will distribute the water screwy into the tubes. The water will flow down the inner surface of the tubes and exchanges heat with the refrigerant outside. During heat exchanging, the refrigerant will change from liquid to gas by absorbing large amount of heat. The temperature of water down the inner surface of the tubes will be rapidly decreased to below freezing point and ice formed. And then, based upon screwy cutting principle, ice breaker will cut the ice cylinder formed into segments. The ice segments cut will fall down on the ice-out rolling plates. The ice, taking the advantage of centrifugal force, will be delivered out. The cold water unfrozen will flow to the water tank through the water connecting trough and circulate by using cold water circulating pump.






Post time: Jul-17-2020