Spiral Freezer

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Production capacity from 200kg/h – 6000kg/h. it according to customer’s actual
requirements and space limitation of non-standard design and manufacture.

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product features

* compact structure,cover a small area.
* big freeze capacity ,give full play to the characteristics of the spiral drum structure.
* using precision machined part, to ensure that the overall performance of equipment.
* mesh belt is made from high strength material, improve the service life and stability of the equipments.
*ADF air defrosting system extend the continuous running time of the equipment, reduce the production cost.

Technology Features

1、Reliable transmission systems
•The main driver provides all the driving forces necessary to run the conveyor belt around the support and operate the system. New type gear reducer with high efficiency and long service life.
•The auxiliary drive is generally used as a tensioning device, which controls the power transmission between the bracket and the conveyor belt, making the net belt run more stable.

•The structural parts of the main drive chain wheel, bearing and bearing pedestal are made stainless steel.
All of the roller,drum, guide rail is made of super-high molecular polyethylene material ,durable.

2、Efficient and sanitary evaporator
•The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It is easy to clean reduce the growth of bacteria,
•The design of the variation plate is large, the windward area is large,effectively prevent frost plug and prolong defrost time.
•The evaporator adopts the world’s most advanced liquid supply method, and the heat exchange efficiency is more than 35% higher than the traditional one.
•The tube can be made of stainless steel.

3、Control system
•High brightness full color touch screen operation, human-machine interface friendly.
•One-key start/stop ,easy to operate.
•The safe operation protection function is complete, with automatic detection and sound light alarm, easy maintenance.
•The automatic operation and manual mode are combined to ensure the normal operation of the device.

4、CIP automatic cleaning system
•The CIP automatic cleaning system is controlled by PLC, and the warm water in the cleaning process is returned to warm,spraying detergent,cleaning detergent and spray disinfectant,which
•Can be completed automatically according to the requirements of successively or repeatedly.
•CIP fully automatic cleaning system is of high efficiency,cleaning thoroughly, no health dead angle,short time, meeting food hygiene requirements.

5、ADF automatic air defrosting
The air is compressed, dried and filtered to be injected into the energy storage tank by the pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa. Mixer gases in storage tanks through electromagnetic valve opening and closing to enter the defrost header inside the quick-freezing machine, manifold nozzle for continuous defrosting of evaporator finned, really achieve the lower costs, continuous uninterrupted production.

Freezing capacity
Inlet temperature Outlet temperature Freezing temperature Freezing time Refrigeration capacity Motor power Refrigerant
300 +50℃ -18℃ -35℃ 15~75 Adjustable
15~17 min adjustable
50 12 R717/R22
400 70 16
500 20~100 Adjustable
20~100 min adjustable
85 15
750 135 20
1000 170 25


Nantong Icesource designed and manufactured spiral freezer using today's advanced technology, in strict accordance with the requirements of HACCP, breaking the foreign similar equipment monopoly market situation for a long time, and provides multiple choices for customers. This series of products are widely used in all kinds of food processing, production capacity 200 kg/h-6000 kg/h, can according to customer' s actual requirements and space limitation of non-standard design and manufacture.

Product features
•Compact structure cover a small area.
•Big freeze capacity, give full play to the characteristics of the spiral drum structure.
•Using precision machined part ,to ensure that the overall performance of the equipment.
•Mesh belt is made from high strength material, improve the service life and stability of the equipment.
•Application of automatic CIP cleaning system, guarantee the health of the food processing.
•ADF air defrosting system extend the continuous running time of the equipment ,reduce the production cost.

Project:Fish peocessing workshop layout


Bakery Processing Line

6、Product handling


Aquatic processing line


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