vertical Contact freezer

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Vertical Plate Freezer

  1. The product is loaded from above into the freezing stations and then freezing commences.after the required freezing time, the plates are defrosted so as to break the adhesion between plate and product and then the frozen products are raised horizontally for discharge.
  2. Be suitable for land and marine application
  3. Batch loading and freezing of maked fish,meat,offal’s fruit puree and liquids

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Technical parameters:
Model Quantity of plates Plate size(mm) Depth of freezing products(mm) Overall Dimension LxWxH(mm)
VPF20-75 21 1060×530 75 3000x1560x1350
VPF25-75 26 1060×530 75 3500x1560x1350
VPF32-75 33 1060×530 75 4300x1560x1350
VPF38-75 39 1060×530 75 4900x1560x1350
VPF16-100 17 1060×530 100 3000x1560x1350
VPF20-100 21 1060×530 100 3500x1560x1350
VPF26-100 27 1060×530 100 4300x1560x1350
VPF32-100 33 1060×530 100 5000x1560x1350

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